Norrlandspölsa Scan 525g
KSh 799.00 KSh 1,260.00
KSh 799.00 KSh 1,260.00
This Pölsa offers a rich taste of meat, liver and barley. Pölsa is an old classic that is appreciated by many, and which consists of finely chopped...
Frasvåfflor Ekströms 210g
KSh 399.00
Frasvåfflor from Ekströms is a waffle mix that makes deliciously crispy and heavenly good traditional Swedish waffles.
Hollandaisesås Pulver Blå Band 3p (Hollandaise Sauce)
KSh 499.00
Blå Band Hollandaise sauce has a characteristic flavor of lemon. The popular sauce from the French cuisine can be served with fish, seafood and vegetables. 
Gräddsås Pulver Blå Band 3p (Cream Sauce)
KSh 499.00
Blå Band Cream sauce is a creamy sauce with a mild and balanced flavor. A classic in Swedish home cooking and is great for meatballs and...
Bearnaisesås Pulver Blå Band 3p (Bearnaise Sauce - Powder)
KSh 599.00
Blå Band Béarnaise sauce makes for a classic Béarnaise sauce with a creamy, balanced taste of tarragon that enhances your meal.
Inlagd Sill (Pickled Herring) 240g
KSh 899.00
Pickled Herring from MSC-certified sustainable fishing.
Matjes Klassisk (Pickled Herring )200g
KSh 899.00
This product comes from a fishery certified under the Marine Stewardship Council's environmental requirements for well-maintained and sustainable fishing.
Senapsill (Mustard Herring) 230g
KSh 899.00
Mustard herring from Abba. From MSC-certified sustainable fishing.
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