Pickled Cucumber (Smörgåsgurka) Sliced
KSh 699.00
Pickled cucumber (Smörgåsgurka) is made by Felix. 370g
Johnny's Hot & Sweet Mustard
KSh 699.00
Hot & sweet mustard 200g A Swedish favorite originally made in Söderhamn, Sweden
Bostongurka Relish 375g
KSh 890.00
KSh 890.00
Bostongurka Original 375g från Felix Relish with pickled gherkins, red bell pepper and onion with spices such as mustard seeds.
Amerikansk Dressing 230g (Salad Dressing)
KSh 649.00
Kavli's creamy hamburger dressing is a real family favorite. It is made with crispy cucumber and creamy rapeseed oil, using the best of ingredients.
Bearnaisesås Pulver Blå Band 3p (Bearnaise Sauce - Powder)
KSh 599.00
Blå Band Béarnaise sauce makes for a classic Béarnaise sauce with a creamy, balanced taste of tarragon that enhances your meal.
Hovmästarsås 200ml
KSh 499.00
A classic Swedish Hovmästarsås - packed with dill, mustard and vinegar it goes great with grilled salmon and most other seafood.
Drottningsylt Extra Prima Önos 410g
KSh 1,199.00
Drottningssylt, "Queen's Jam", it is a jam made från Swedish blueberries and raspberries. 
Citron- & Dillsås Pulver Blå Band 3p (Lemon & Diil Sauce)
KSh 590.00
Blå Band Lemon & Dill Sauce is a perfect sauce for most fish dishes.
Gräddsås Pulver Blå Band 3p (Cream Sauce)
KSh 590.00
Blå Band Cream sauce is a creamy sauce with a mild and balanced flavor. A classic in Swedish home cooking and is great for meatballs and...
Bearnaise Original Rydbergs 250ml
KSh 1,099.00
This cold béarnaise sauce is ready to use right away! Good for all types of mea, grilled or fried. Also great with chicken and as a dip...
Brown Sauce Blå Band
KSh 590.00
Blå Band brown sauce, easily becomes a family favorite. The well-balanced flavor makes it perfect for many different types of dishes.
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