Norrlandspölsa Scan 525g
KSh 1,260.00
This Pölsa offers a rich taste of meat, liver and barley. Pölsa is an old classic that is appreciated by many, and which consists of finely chopped...
Arbogapastej 250g
KSh 749.00
KSh 749.00
Sliceable Arbogapastej is a paté with a characteristic truffle, onion andnutmeg flavor.
Fish Balls In Dill Sauce
KSh 890.00
Abba fishballs consist of fine fillets of haddock, cod and soy from MSC certified fish stocks.
Mackerel In Tomato Sauce 2x110g
KSh 890.00
2-pack mackerel in tomato sauce
Bullens Pilsner Sausage
KSh 785.00
Bullen's classic canned sausage from 1953, named after Erik Bullen Berglund, an actor in Pilsnerfilms which was a collective name for Swedish comedies.
Pea Soup Ärtsoppa Soldaten 570g
KSh 710.00
This traditional pea soup is an indispensable part of the packing when you go out into nature. The soup is a true classic that both...
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