Cheez Doodles 160g
KSh 699.00
KSh 699.00
OLW cheez doodles is a real classic for the Friday night and the Swedes absolute favorite snacks! Crispy corn arches cooked and flavored with mild...
Chips Dillchips 175g
KSh 599.00
KSh 599.00
Chips that stand on their own with their perfect dill taste and are also suitable for dipping. Try the chips with crayfish - combination is...
Grillchips 175g
KSh 599.00
KSh 599.00
Note that this is a large pack of 175G. Also available in 40G packs
Chips Dill & Gräslök 175g (Dill & Chives)
KSh 499.00
OLW uses natural ingredients and the very finest potatoes. OLW's Dill & Chives brings thoughts of the Swedish summer.
Tryffelchips Gårdschips 150g
KSh 599.00 KSh 799.00
KSh 599.00 KSh 799.00
Lightly salted potato chips with an uncompromising, luxurious taste of truffles.
Parmesan Gårdschips 150g
KSh 599.00 KSh 790.00
KSh 599.00 KSh 790.00
Distinctive taste of aged parmesan is backed by a light & fresh acidity.
Cheez Doodles Pecorino 120g OLW
KSh 599.00
OLW cheez doodles® deluxe are the most luxurious small cheese doodles with great Pecorino flavor, giving it a tasty creamy saltiness!
Sourcream & Onion Chips 175g
KSh 799.00
Crunchy chips made with natural ingredients and the finest potatoes. 
Ranch & Sourcream Chips OLW 175g
KSh 599.00
Estrella Ranch & Sourcream chips are made with 100% Swedish potatoes and given a rich, tasty spice mix.
Rotfrukts Blandning, Chips 40g
KSh 399.00
A small bag of root vegetable chips, seasoned to perfection!
Dippmix Chipotle 24g
KSh 299.00
A new Dippmix flavor, Chipotle!
Chips Sourcream & Onion 200g
KSh 599.00
Thin sliced sourcream & onion chips. Irresistible and great for a Friday night chill!
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