Pickled Cucumber (Smörgåsgurka) Sliced
KSh 699.00
Pickled cucumber (Smörgåsgurka) is made by Felix. 370g
Beetroots Pickled Sliced 370g
KSh 599.00
Sliced & pickled beetroot made by Felix. The product is from Sweden
Johnny's Hot & Sweet Mustard
KSh 699.00
Hot & sweet mustard 200g A Swedish favorite originally made in Söderhamn, Sweden
Bostongurka Relish 375g
KSh 890.00
KSh 890.00
Bostongurka Original 375g från Felix Relish with pickled gherkins, red bell pepper and onion with spices such as mustard seeds.
Grebbestads Anchovy Fillets 81g
KSh 890.00
Small, nice anchovy fillets. Packaged in Kungshamn on the west coast of Bohuslän.
Rostad Lök 150g
KSh 599.00
KSh 599.00
Delicious crispy onions – perfect for your hotdog or sandwiches.
Snabbmarsán Ekströms 91g
KSh 390.00
Ekströms Marsán® (Vanilla Custard) is easily whipped together cold with milk and served with your favorite cake.
Lingonberry Rårörda 410g
KSh 1,499.00
"Rårörda" Lingonberries are made with lingonberries and sugar. Is not boiled, like lingonberry jam, and has a more natural texture.
Bearnaisesås Pulver Blå Band 3p (Bearnaise Sauce - Powder)
KSh 599.00
Blå Band Béarnaise sauce makes for a classic Béarnaise sauce with a creamy, balanced taste of tarragon that enhances your meal.
Chokladpudding Ekströms 120g
KSh 490.00
Ekströms Chocolate Pudding is easy to prepare and is perfect for a special midweek treat.
Vinegar 24%
KSh 599.00
KSh 599.00
Vinegar (Ättika) 24% 0.3 L is manufactured by Perstorps Ättika.
Gurkmajonnäs 240g (Cucumber Mayonnaise)
KSh 590.00
Kavli Gurkmajonäs is a creamy white dressing with cucumber. A great accessory  for sausages and fish sticks. A kids favorit!
Müsli Berries Axa 600g
KSh 1,299.00
AXA's Berries Muesli was developed along side their in-house nutritionists. The Muesli contains crispy puffs made from oats and sweet colorful blueberries.
Pickled Gherkin (Saltgurka) Sliced
KSh 990.00
Fresh cucumber served in salty layers of mustard seeds and vinegar. A taste that has been appreciated for generations.
Start! Naturell Müsli 750g
KSh 1,499.00
Contains oatmeal, sugar, vegetable oil (rapeseed, shea), syrup, wheat flakes, wheat bran, glucose syrup, salt, vanilla cream. May contain traces of nuts.
Senap Grovstark Johnny's 500g
KSh 890.00
Johnny's Grovstark mustard has a classic mustard colored tone with clear elements of mustard seeds, sun-dried tomato, balsamic vinegar, dried fruits, figs and dates. Great with sausages...
Bikarbonat Påse Kockens 70g
KSh 230.00
Natriumbikarbonat (E500).
Svartpeppar Hel, Påse 25g
KSh 350.00
Whole Black Pepper
Citron- & Dillsås Pulver Blå Band 3p (Lemon & Diil Sauce)
KSh 590.00
Blå Band Lemon & Dill Sauce is a perfect sauce for most fish dishes.
Dragon Burk Kockens 10g (tarragon)
KSh 690.00
Kockens Dragon (Tarragon) is a species of perennial herb in the sunflower family. It is widespread in the wild across much of Eurasia and North...
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