Marabou Mjölkchoklad 200g
KSh 999.00
Marabou Milk Chocolate- Sweden's most beloved chocolate bar.
Kexchoklad Minipåse 156g
KSh 799.00
A whole bag of small Kexchoklad. Crispy wafers filled with chocolate under a blanket of delicious, milk chocolate.
Marabou Mini Mix Bag
KSh 1,249.00
KSh 1,249.00
Marabou Mix Mini Favorites collects mini variants of Marabou's most prized pieces in one bag. Daim, Japp, Dubbelnougat, Co-Co etc.
Marabou Daim Dubbel 56g
KSh 299.00
Daim Dubbel - A real classic in the form of crispy almond crust coated with lovely milk chocolate. A perfect and balanced combination of hard...
Marabou Schweizernöt 200g
KSh 999.00
Marabou Schweizernöt is a classic! Good milk chocolate mixed with carefully selected, roughly chopped, hazelnuts.
Delicatoboll 6-pack Delicato 240g
KSh 999.00
Chocolate Oat Pastries 240g
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