Fish Balls In Dill Sauce
KSh 890.00
Abba fishballs consist of fine fillets of haddock, cod and soy from MSC certified fish stocks.
Mackerel In Tomato Sauce 2x110g
KSh 890.00
2-pack mackerel in tomato sauce
Hovmästarsås 200ml
KSh 499.00
A classic Swedish Hovmästarsås - packed with dill, mustard and vinegar it goes great with grilled salmon and most other seafood.
Inlagd Sill (Pickled Herring) 240g
KSh 899.00
Pickled Herring from MSC-certified sustainable fishing.
Matjes Klassisk (Pickled Herring )200g
KSh 899.00
This product comes from a fishery certified under the Marine Stewardship Council's environmental requirements for well-maintained and sustainable fishing.
Senapsill (Mustard Herring) 230g
KSh 899.00
Mustard herring from Abba. From MSC-certified sustainable fishing.
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