Ahlgrens Bilar Saltlakrits 100g
KSh 499.00
For those who love salty liquorice, Ahlgren's Bilar has a special model. The same shape and texture as the original cars but with a fantastic taste...
Kalles Kaviar Original Mild Smoked
KSh 999.00
Kalles Kaviar is a real Swedish classic that Swedes have spread on their sandwiches and put on their eggs since 1954.
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Barilla ORGANIC SPAGHETTI are produced in Italy with high quality durum wheat from organic farming and certified by the European Union Organic Label. Try them...
Hollandaisesås Pulver Blå Band 3p (Hollandaise Sauce)
KSh 590.00
Blå Band Hollandaise sauce has a characteristic flavor of lemon. The popular sauce from the French cuisine can be served with fish, seafood and vegetables. 
Center Rulle Cloetta 78g
KSh 490.00
Caramel filled milk chocolate roll. A Swedish classic.
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Estrella's deep-fried chips fried in small batches on low heat for an extended period of time. Then seasoned with garlic, chives and chillies . A crispy and...
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A classic soup with beef & vegetables. A coarse bread with a well aged cheese goes perfectly with this soup.
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Marabou Helnöt - Only the most beautiful and well-roasted hazelnuts can join our Helnöt. When mixed with delicious milk chocolate the result is a very...
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Abba Brännvinssill is a herring in a clear broth flavored with orange peel, herring spices and a small splash of brandy. Perfect for Midsummer!
Cheez Doodles Pecorino 120g OLW
KSh 599.00
OLW cheez doodles® deluxe are the most luxurious small cheese doodles with great Pecorino flavor, giving it a tasty creamy saltiness!
Chips Sourcream & Onion 200g
KSh 749.00
Thin sliced sourcream & onion chips. Irresistible and great for a Friday night chill!
Dippmix Chipotle 24g
KSh 279.00
A new Dippmix flavor, Chipotle!
MAX Original Hamburger Dressing 220ml
KSh 999.00
MAX Original dressing is the ultimate hamburger dressing that has been available on many of MAX restaurants' own burgers since 1968. Smooth and balanced, perfect...
Maldon Sea Salt Flakes 250g
KSh 1,499.00
Maldon is a hand-harvested gourmet salt from the sea off the east coast of England. The naturally shaped pyramid crystals have become Maldon's signature.
Fransk Löksill 240/ 120g Abba
KSh 799.00
Abba French Onion Herring is a popular herring flavored with red wine vinegar, onions and allspice.
Ranch & Sourcream Chips OLW 175g
KSh 599.00
Estrella Ranch & Sourcream chips are made with 100% Swedish potatoes and given a rich, tasty spice mix.
Rotfrukts Blandning, Chips 40g
KSh 399.00
A small bag of root vegetable chips, seasoned to perfection!
Salt & Vinäger Chips 200g
KSh 749.00
Crispy Salt & vinegar chips.
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A classic herring recipe with its origins in Brantevik, a small fishing village south of Simrishamn. Perfect for Midsummer festivities!
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