Amerikansk Dressing 230g (Salad Dressing)
KSh 649.00
Kavli's creamy hamburger dressing is a real family favorite. It is made with crispy cucumber and creamy rapeseed oil, using the best of ingredients.
Ballerina Original 205g
KSh 725.00
Ballerina is Sweden's most beloved biscuit and Göteborgs Kex most popular brand. The round original with the combination of crispy biscuits and soft nougat has...
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OLW Cheez Cruncherz has the same good taste as the original cheez doodles, what sets them apart is that cruncherz are extra crunchy and hence...
Cheez Doodles Pecorino 120g OLW
KSh 599.00
OLW cheez doodles® deluxe are the most luxurious small cheese doodles with great Pecorino flavor, giving it a tasty creamy saltiness!
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Cheez Doodles 285g. OLWs cheese puffs are Sweden's best selling snacks. Brittle and crispy corn puffs toasted and flavoured with mild cheese spice.
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Chips that stand on their own with their perfect dill taste and are also suitable for dipping. Try the chips with crayfish - combination is...
Chips Sourcream & Onion 200g
KSh 749.00
Thin sliced sourcream & onion chips. Irresistible and great for a Friday night chill!
Chokladpudding Ekströms 120g
KSh 490.00
Ekströms Chocolate Pudding is easy to prepare and is perfect for a special midweek treat.
Dippmix Chipotle 24g
KSh 279.00
A new Dippmix flavor, Chipotle!
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Mild tomato, onion, and garlic flavor. Absolutely free from flavor enhancers, which gives a pure and natural taste. Dip with chips and vegetables.
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Crispbread with oats, gluten-free and lactose-free.
Havssaltade Kex (Salted Cracker) 150g
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A crispy baked cracker with a soft tone of olive oil and a distinct salty flavor from the coarse-grained sea salt. Excellent with creamy cheeses, hard...
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Scandinavian pepper and onion flavoured dip mix. Free of flavor enhancers which gives a pure and natural taste.
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The little caramel toffee makes everybody happy, irrespective of age or location. The combination of chocolate and soft toffee has a unique effect. You cannot...
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A beloved classic that has had its uniquely full-bodied taste of the best possible ingredients since 1922. Milk chocolate made from fresh milk and 100%...
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Karl Fazer Salty Toffee Crunch is a chocolate cake with a combination of milk chocolate and toffee with an added pinch of sea salt. Made from...
Kex Till Ost (Crackers) 300g
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An assortment of crackers suitable for all types of cheese.
Kexchoklad Minipåse 156g
KSh 799.00
A whole bag of small Kexchoklad. Crispy wafers filled with chocolate under a blanket of delicious, milk chocolate.
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Wasa Sesame & Sea Salt is a little crispbread baked from wheat and topped with golden sesame seeds and sea salt. A perfect snack to...
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Potato chips deep fried in sunflower oil with a distinct sour cream. 
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