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This cold béarnaise sauce is ready to use right away! Good for all types of mea, grilled or fried. Also great with chicken and as a dip...
Bikarbonat Påse Kockens 70g
KSh 230.00
Natriumbikarbonat (E500).
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Blueberry soup powder from Ekströms. 465g (Makes 3 litres of soup)
Brännvinssill 240/115g Abba
KSh 799.00
Abba Brännvinssill is a herring in a clear broth flavored with orange peel, herring spices and a small splash of brandy. Perfect for Midsummer!
Bullens Pilsner Sausage
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Bullen's classic canned sausage from 1953, named after Erik Bullen Berglund, an actor in Pilsnerfilms which was a collective name for Swedish comedies.
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Potato chips deep fried in sunflower oil with a distinct sour cream. 
Chokladpudding Ekströms 120g
KSh 490.00
Ekströms Chocolate Pudding is easy to prepare and is perfect for a special midweek treat.
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Blå Band Lemon & Dill Sauce is a perfect sauce for most fish dishes.
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Chocolate Oat Pastries 240g
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Drottningsylt with a high amount of raspberries and blueberries. Perfect for toast or sweet pastries.
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Abba fishballs consist of fine fillets of haddock, cod and soy from MSC certified fish stocks.
Frasvåfflor Ekströms 210g
KSh 390.00
Frasvåfflor from Ekströms is a waffle mix that makes deliciously crispy and heavenly good traditional Swedish waffles.
Grillkrydda Original 145g
KSh 749.00
Grillkrydda Original is a spice mixture with a wide range of uses. It goes well with meat, bird and fish dishes. It also an excellent...
Gurkmajonnäs 240g (Cucumber Mayonnaise)
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Kavli Gurkmajonäs is a creamy white dressing with cucumber. A great accessory  for sausages and fish sticks. A kids favorit!
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Raspberry jam with a high amount of berries. Perfect for the toast or for the pancakes.
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Swedish honey. Rime frost patterns in the jar can occur during cool storage, which is a sign of low water content and high quality. With...
Hovmästarsås 200ml
KSh 499.00
A classic Swedish Hovmästarsås - packed with dill, mustard and vinegar it goes great with grilled salmon and most other seafood.
Kalles Kaviar Original Mild Smoked
KSh 999.00
Kalles Kaviar is a real Swedish classic that Swedes have spread on their sandwiches and put on their eggs since 1954.
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A beloved classic that has had its uniquely full-bodied taste of the best possible ingredients since 1922. Milk chocolate made from fresh milk and 100%...
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Karl Fazer Salty Toffee Crunch is a chocolate cake with a combination of milk chocolate and toffee with an added pinch of sea salt. Made from...
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