Cheese -  Västerbotten  450g
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KSh 1,499.00 KSh 2,999.00
Västerbottensost® is dotted with lots of small holes giving it a unique character and strong and aromatic flavour. Västerbotten cheese feels as natural on the...
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Grevé Mild 28% manufactured by Skånemejerier. The product is from Swedish milk.
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Mild and creamy cheese with light acidity. A popular cheese for the breakfast buffet. Hushållsost is also good for hot sandwiches or as an accessory...
Havssaltade Kex (Salted Cracker) 150g
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A crispy baked cracker with a soft tone of olive oil and a distinct salty flavor from the coarse-grained sea salt. Excellent with creamy cheeses, hard...
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Allerum Herrgård 28% fat, aged 12 months and packaged in resealable container. 400g.
Kex Till Ost (Crackers) 300g
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An assortment of crackers suitable for all types of cheese.
Präst 6månader 35% Skånemejerier 400g
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Skånemejerier Präst 35% has a full and aromatic medium-strong taste with balanced saltiness and creamy texture. Made with milk from farms in southern Sweden with...
Räkost (Shrimp Flavoured Cheese) 250g
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A classic cheese with shrimp flavoring. Ingredients: Swedish hard cheese, skim milk,chopped shrimp 10%, water, butter, melt salts (E339, E452), grape sugar, aroma, onion, salt, spice...
Saltiner Original 150g (Lightly Salted Saltines)
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A classic Saltine for the cheese platter. Göteborgs Kex 150g
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