Colaflaskor (Malaco) 80g
KSh 299.00
Malaco cola bottles are jelly candies with a cooling taste of cola.
Fizzypop (Malaco) 80g
KSh 250.00
A mini variant of the popular Fizzypop bottles you find where you buy your loose candy. A soft texture with a  bubble gum taste.
Geléhallon 400g
KSh 590.00
KSh 590.00
Raspberry Gumdrops are a gummy candy. They are brightly colored pectin-based pieces, shaped like a narrow dome and coated in granulated sugar.
Mjölkchoklad Rulle Marabou 74g
KSh 390.00
Marabou Milk Chocolate Roll - Sweden's most beloved milk chocolate, also available on a roll.
Nöt-Crème 18g
KSh 59.00
KSh 59.00
In 1961, the caramel dealer Bror Printzell in Hässleholm, came up with the idea of ​​taking the good stuff from inside hard candies and filling this in...
Parmesan Gårdschips 150g
KSh 790.00
Distinctive taste of aged parmesan is backed by a light & fresh acidity.
S-Märke Supersurt 80g
KSh 220.00
Today you can find S-Märke in 8 different flavors. With its intense taste, the product tends to be a favorite with consumers who prefer super-salty...
Skalle (Raspberry and Liquorice)
KSh 260.00
Smash OLW 100g
KSh 790.00
KSh 790.00
OLW Smash - an irresistible combination of sweet, salty and crispy. Smash are crispy corn cones dipped in milk chocolate. Impossible to just have one!
Toms Ferrari 130g
KSh 390.00
KSh 390.00
Small winegum Ferrari cars with raspberry flavor. Contains no palm oil and only natural dyes.
Tryffelchips Gårdschips 150g
KSh 790.00
Lightly salted potato chips with an uncompromising, luxurious taste of truffles.
Västkustchips Äkta Cheddar & Rödlök 180g
KSh 750.00
Estrella Västkust Chips, Cheddar & Red Onion, are casserole-fried potato chips with a full-bodied taste of real cheddar cheese and sour red onions. A perfect accessory...
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